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On Demand Pre-Order

Welcome to the Kwaint Threads on Demand Pre-Order

On each listing is a drop down menu with bases available for the range of fabric prints available at this particular time.

Not all prints will change on a monthly basis, some will stay, others will arrive.

Christmas prints are available all year around but SEPTEMBER 30 is the last date for prints to arrive in time for Christmas.

In the description of each fabric print is the information regarding each base.

The Preorder runs from the 1st of the month to the end of that month.

Your order will take approximately 8 weeks to be processed, printed and delivered. (from the time you order til your package arrives, will be about 8 weeks or quicker! depending on when you order) 

Next print run is 31st May etc and so on monthly.

We hope you like the selection of prints available! 


You can choose an artist below or use the filters to see which prints you would like to order.

Quality Fabric
Quality Fabrics
Organic Fabric Shop
Organic Fabric
Organic Fabric
Organic Fabrics
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