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This gauge will allow you to quickly mark seam allowances.
Applicable to most seam allowances with a gauge set from 1 to 5cm in 5mm increments.
The gauge is made of metal, so it can be used to make creases using an iron or as a template for creating sharp corners for pockets, etc.


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Established in 1925, Clover was founded by Mr. Toshio Okada at the age of 26. After officially becoming a brand in 1948, the company began as a wholesale distributor of needles and handicraft accessories. Soon after, Clover became a manufacturing company, with the use of machinery designed to capture the vision of the engineers to create the wonderful tools we know and love today. Today, the company’s US line- Clover Needlecraft Inc. has grown their product offering to patchwork quilting tools and sewing notions and has become a substantial brand in the artisan world of North America.

Clover Sewing Gauge

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