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Expected 20th January 2023


Home alone and no one to help you measure?

The Easy Check Tape Measure works wonders for hands-free circumference measurements.

One tape measure 153 cm (60 inches) long.


Both Imperial and Metric (inches and centimeters).

Easy click built-in snap for secure hands-free measuring.

Genuine product from Hoeschtmass, imported from Germany.


There is a youtube video on how to use it too - copy and paste into your browser.


Are you interested in making patterns to fit your body shape?

Sure-Fit Designs™ is a pattern system of fitting and sewing that offers you the opportunity to make clothing from patterns that fit exclusively to your unique body shape and size.

The simple guiding principal of Sure-Fit Designs™ has always been that a sewing pattern should conform to your unique body shape and size, rather than accepting second best with a stock standard commercial pattern not shaped to your body.


Easy Check Tape Measure Hands Free Tape Measure Special Measuring Tape

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