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NH Mr Beardy Purple Lenzing Ecovero

Lenzing Ecovero Fabric is crafted from sustainable Ecovero fibers, which are derived from certified and responsibly managed wood sources, making it a planet-friendly choice. The production process is also closed-loop, which means that is uses significantly less energy and water during manufacutring, and is toxin-free with no residues or water being eliminated from the process. 

This draping, luxurious fabric is  extremely breathable, ensuring that garments made from this fabric keep you comfortable in various weather conditions.

The vibrancy of our prints on Ecovero is high.

Composition: 100% Ecovero
Fabric width: 145cm / 57 in
Weight: 154gsm / 4.5 oz
Country of origin: Turkey
Estimated shrinkage: within 5%
Care: Cold machine wash, gentle cycle, line dry, preferably spot wash, warm iron
Suitable: Apparel, sleepwear
Printing: OEKO-TEX® certified

NH Mr Beardy Purple Lenzing Ecovero

Artikelnummer: 010002
50 Zentimeter

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