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Sewing is a skill that has so many benefits for children and can give them real pride in their achievements. Angela Pressley has been teaching children to sew for 15 years, and knows how to encourage and inspire them to learn, starting with the basics and building up a portfolio of skills. And to keep them interested, she has designed 30 makes that will help them cement the knowledge they've gained, from sewing simple seams to patchwork, curves and corners, hems, linings, and so much more.


The book starts with an introduction to the sewing machine and some of the basic skills and equipment needed to sew. Then there are four chapters, each beginning with a techniques section, followed by projects that put into practice the skills just learned.


Every project includes clear artworks plus a difficulty rating, from "easy peasy" to "you're on your way", "you've got this", and "you're a star". As children progress through the levels they will learn how to make their own toys, bags, accessories, and clothes, and will be encouraged to put their own creative ideas into their sewing.

Sewing Machine Basics for Children Book Beginners Sewing Book Start Sewing


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