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Discover our brand new Nerida Hansen collection 

nerida Hansen

Nerida Hansen has collaborated with one of our amazing suppliers in The Netherlands!
The beautiful euro fabrics with their incredible quality you have come to love, are now available with Nerida's designs.

Our fabrics are manufactured in Turkey and Pakistan, printed in The Netherlands and shipped all the way to you here in Perth and the luscious new Organic Cotton Lycra is GOTS certified - which is the highest of certifications for organic fabrics. 
I'm impressed with the feel of these fabrics and guarantee you will like them too :) If not, get in touch!

From Nerida's Website;
Nerida Hansen Fabrics is an independently owned Australian company. Some of the imagery on our fabrics are iconic and subtle and other times they are vibrant and quirky. 

We celebrate our sewing communities and support movements such as #slowfashion and #memade.

Sewing not only fuels creativity but it also improves your mental wellbeing, self-control and patience.

It is rewarding to complete a project made by your own hands and share the results with others. 

This is the collection page for Nerida Hansen Fabrics and will display in stock fabrics only. In stock fabrics are available immediately.

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