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On Demand Pre Order - Please allow up to 8 weeks for printing and delivery.


Picture is 25x25cm and is printed in that scale by default - unless you would like a custom scale - which can be requested in the  comments of your order!


Please DO NOT combine with any IN STOCK fabrics - if this happens, your in stock order will be held with us, until your pre-order fabrics arrive, all sent to you together in 1 package. If you want IN STOCK and Pre-order fabrics and dont want to wait, make 2 separate orders for each type.


Once your order is placed, it will go into the file for processing to be printed - these are sent off every 3 to 4 weeks to be printed. Depending on where in that cycle you have ordered, your fabric may be quick or not as quick if ordered at the beginning of the 4 weeks. We anticipate a 3 to 4 week turnaround for fabrics until they are delivered to me. This is subject to change - I will notify you if this does. 


There may be errors with your printing - this happens sometimes - I will have gone through your fabric and checked but sometimes I miss things too - spots on fabrics smaller than 5c peices and close to the edges will not be accepted as a fault. If there are mulitple, then yes, that's faulty. 

If you have any major concerns, please email us the minute you get your fabric with pictures. We can work to resolve all the problems. 


As we are new to printing in this capacity, please bear with us and remember, if youre not happy, neither are we. 

Kwaint Colourful Flowers Pre order

50 Centimeters
  • Cotton Twill is 100% Cotton - 150 GSM (medium weight) has no stretch and is breathable - 144cm wide (previously cotton woven).

    Cotton Poplin 100% Cotton - 140gsm - 150cm wide

    Organic Cotton Poplin is 100% Organic Cotton GOTS Certified 120gsm (lightweight) has no stretch and is very light. 144cm Wide.

    Cotton Lycra Jersey is 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra and is 4 way stretch. (The only difference between the 180/200GSM, 220/230GSM and 260GSM is the weight - with the 180/200 being a great summer knit, the 220/230 is perfect for all year round and the 260 is used more in leggings and the cooler weather.) 150cm wide.

    Organic Cotton Lycra Jersey is 95% Organic Cotton with 5% Lycra GOTS Certified 230gsm with 4 way stretch. 

    Double Brushed Poly 220gsm is 95% Polyester 5% Lycra and mechanically combed on both sides and has a soft fuzz feel. It has amazing drape and is good for leggings, dresses and tops.
    Swimwear SPF50+ Sun Protective is 80% Polyester, 20% Lycra and 200 GSM. This fabric has an amazingly soft feel with a high saturation and is great for rashies, swimwear and dance wear.
    Bamboo Lycra Knit is 95% Bamboo, 5% Lycra and 240 GSM

    Rayon 155gsm is 100% Rayon with no stretch - beautiful and light with lots of drape, perfect for summer dresses. 142cm Wide.

    Rayon Challis is a lighter version of the rayon - VERY light 120gsm with lots of drape.  No stretch. 

    Cotton Lycra French Terry is 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra and 280 GSM. French Terry is soft and plush with a luxurious feel and is great for Winter sews, it has a looped back appearance. 152cm wide.

    Organic Cotton Lycra French Terry is 95% Organic Cotton GOTS Certified, 5% Lycra in a 250gsm weight. Beautiful and soft. 

    Cotton Canvas is 100% Cotton and 250 GSM. Great for bags and things that require more stability.

    Cotton Interlock is 100% Cotton and 200 GSM - It is soft with a slight sideway stretch and none lengthways. Think vintage t-shirts feel.

    100% Cotton French Terry 330gsm - is a non stretch 100% cotton looped back fabric, thick and warm. 

    Stretch Velvet 300gsm 90% Polyester 10% Lycra - is printed in Australia! It is very soft and stretchy with a one way nap. 

    Poly Spandex is 82% Polyester and 18% Lycra extra life - so it has better chlorine resistance. UPF50+!! Printed in Australia.

    PUL is 100% Polyester - 170gsm - 150cm wide - soft fabric one side and a waterproof covering on the other.

    Softshell is 325gsm 95% Polyester 5% Spandex - 150cm wide -  Waterproof fabric on the right side and a soft fleecy style on the inside. Does not really have any stretch.

    Sports Performance - 90% Polyester 10% Spandex - 155cm wide - 300gsm. Perfect for activewear and leggings.

    Peachskin is 110gsm - 148cm wide - 100% Polyester - also called Boardshorting fabric.

    Stretch Cotton Woven - 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex - 112cm wide - 145gsm - Woven fabric with a little stretch!

    Ribbed Jersey - 95% Cotton 5% Spandex - 250gsm - 150cm Wide - Soft and squishy ribbed cotton lycra.

    Muslin/Double Gauze - 100% Cotton - 140cm Wide - 110gsm - Baby wraps and clothing, so soft and breathable. 

    Squish - 145cm wide - 290gsm - 82% Polyester 18% Spandex - very fluffy both sides, like minky, stretchy. 

    Vinyl Leather LZW - Imitation pebbly style leather - 700gsm - Polyurethane - 140cm wide

    Smooth Vinyl Thick - 140cm wide - 0.9mm

    Smooth Vinyl Thin - 140cm wide - 0.7mm

    Cotton Fleece is a Polyester Cotton blend with a smooth printable front into a sherpa-like sheep fluffy backing. 320gsm 55% Cotton 45% polyester 150cm wide 

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