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Organic Fabrics

Browse Our Online Collection of Premium Organic Fabrics

This page will show ONLY organic fabrics that are currently in stock and available in store now. 

Browse Our Online Collection of Premium Organic Fabrics

Kwaint Threads sells a vast selection of high-quality organic fabrics. Our fabric comes in a wide range of solid and print fabrics depending on your sewing project. Explore our gorgeous organic fabric options. 

Why Choose Australian Organic Fabric?

Organic fabric in Australia comes from the same plant as regular cotton. The main difference is that organic cotton is grown without the use of:

  • Synthetic pesticides

  • Toxic chemicals

  • Artificial fertilizers 

Organic cotton also uses less water than regular cotton. Instead of being picked by a machine, organic cotton is handpicked. 

Soft Fabric Good for Every Skin Type

Some fabrics might irritate those with sensitive skin. Many people suffer from skin allergies that get exacerbated by the chemicals used in regular cotton farming. 

Our organic fabric is designed to be safer and softer for your skin. Whether you're making clothing for babies or someone else, you'll feel confident that you're making clothes with high-quality materials. 

Find High-Quality Organic Fabric for Sale

Kwaint Threads sells premium organic fabrics in fun prints and colours. Explore our online collection and place an order today. 

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