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Sewing Pins vs Sewing Clips

Sewing pins and Sewing Clips
Sewing pins vs Sewing clips

Are you Team Pins or Team Clips? Lets see which is best.. Sewing Pins vs Sewing Clips

Sewing pins and sewing clips are both essential tools used in sewing projects, but they serve slightly different purposes and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's compare Sewing pins vs Sewing clips:

Sewing Pins:

1. Purpose: Sewing pins are used to temporarily hold fabric layers together while you sew. They are particularly useful for tasks like pinning pattern pieces to fabric, securing hems, attaching layers, and keeping fabric in place during stitching.

2. Placement: Pins are inserted through the fabric layers and hold them together with the help of their sharp points. They can be placed at regular intervals along the sewing line.

3. Flexibility: Pins allow you to secure curved or intricate seams and corners with precision.

4. Visibility: Since pins are inserted into the fabric, they might sometimes obstruct your view of the sewing line, making it necessary to remove them as you sew.

5. Risk of Damage: Depending on the fabric, pins can leave holes or marks, especially if left in place for an extended period. There is also a risk to your machine, if you sew over the pins, or through them with an overlocker.

6. Suitable Projects: Sewing pins are commonly used for a wide range of sewing projects, from garments to quilting and more. Pins come in a wide variety of types and this can be confusing to know which pin is used for which type of fabric.

Sewing Clips

1. Purpose: Sewing clips also serve the purpose of holding fabric layers together during sewing, but they do so without puncturing the fabric. They are particularly useful for delicate fabrics, fabrics with pile (like velvet), and materials that should not be pierced.

2. Placement: Clips are attached to the fabric's edge, gripping the layers together securely.

3. Flexibility: Clips can be a bit bulkier than pins, which might limit their use in very tight or intricate areas.

4. Visibility: Sewing clips are generally larger and easier to see, allowing you to keep them in place while sewing, which can save time.

5. Risk of Damage: Sewing clips are less likely to damage delicate fabrics compared to pins.

6. Suitable Projects: Sewing clips are great for projects involving delicate or bulky fabrics, as well as when working with materials that shouldn't be punctured. They are great for bag making and holding glued fabrics long enough to then sew without the need for either pins or clips!

In summary, sewing pins and sewing clips each have their own advantages and best use cases. Sewing pins are versatile and work well in most sewing scenarios, while sewing clips are ideal for situations where fabric damage needs to be minimized or when working with fabrics that don't hold pins well.

It's common for sewists to have both tools in their arsenal to choose the best option for each project's requirements. They are both also cheap enough, to have both options and Kwaint Threads have both options always available.

Thank you for reading! :)

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