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A little bit about Kwaint Threads...

Kwaint Threads is a home based online fabric store, in Perth, Western Australia. Our aim is to bring you the amazing, adorable, luxurious fabrics that we fell in love with.


I'm a mum, I'm a fabricaholic, I'm primarily a sewer, although I do a bit of everything.


I make jewellery, clothes for my kids, handbags, purses and now I have started making clothes for myself.


I know what its like when you want to make beautiful clothes but can't seem to find just the right fabric.

I found it frustrating looking around shops and online places never being able to know whether what I was buying was quality fabric or not. Would it last? How would it wash? 

Fabric choice is half the battle when looking into sewing your own clothes. I have tested these fabrics and as someone who values quality and durability, these fabrics are definitely worth it. I won't recommend something I don't use personally myself. 

I've shopped Spotlight to death.. and with the demise of Textile Traders here in WA, another option disappeared. Then bring on Coronavirus and our postal system slowed, delaying purchases from other parts of Australia. A Perth based shop just made sense!

It really is a pleasure to sew with these beautiful organic fabrics.

GOTS Certified fabrics are in a class of their own and Oekotex100 Certification means no chemicals leaching onto your skin.

Kwaint Threads can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and here at its home. Connect with us and hit those sewing goals!

I will endeavour to bring to you the latest, best quality fabrics I can find so you can make fabulous clothing for your whole family.

Organic Fabric
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