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Rayon Fabric

Explore Our Collection of Premium Rayon Fabric for Sale

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Explore Our Collection of Premium Rayon Fabric for Sale

Kwaint Threads sells high-quality rayon fabric in Australia. This lightweight fabric is the perfect option for summer sewing when you need a lightweight and breathable fabric.


Shop our selection of vibrant patterns today. 

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We Sell Gorgeous Custom-Printed Rayon Fabric

Rayon fabric is silky and smooth. It has a similar feel to linen or cotton. The fluid drape of rayon fabric ensures that it flows and hangs instead of staying rigid. 

Our rayon fabric is printed on demand. It's made from 100% rayon with no stretch. Some of our most popular prints for rayon fabric include:

Place an Order for Rayon Fabric in Australia

If you're looking for high-quality rayon fabric for sale, look no further than Kwaint Threads. Since all of our custom fabric orders get printed on demand, please allow up to eight weeks to receive your order. 

Browse our online selection and purchase rayon fabric today. 

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