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Cotton Lycra Jersey

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Organic Cotton Elastane Fabric Australia

Cotton elastane, also called jersey fabric, is a versatile fabric blend that comes in almost every colour and print. Kwaint Threads supplies cotton elastane fabric across Australia and New Zealand for all your sewing needs.


What is Cotton Elastane or Jersey Fabric?


Jersey fabric is a blend of cotton and elastane. Spandex and Lycra are brand names for elastane fabric, and the fabric knit is also sometimes called cotton lycra or cotton spandex. The elastane spun into the fabric gives it more elasticity and stretch than pure cotton. Knits containing 4 - 6% elastane will stretch easily over your head and return to their original shape. Knits that have over 10% elastane fit more snugly against the body.


What Clothes Can You Make With Cotton Elastane?


We supply cotton jersey fabric across Australia for commercial and home use. The material typically has a medium amount of drape and feels soft against the skin. You can use jersey fabric to make almost any clothing, including:


  • T-shirts

  • casual dresses

  • Pyjamas

  • Leggings


Working With Cotton Jersey Fabric


Remember to consider the direction of the stretch when working with cotton elastane or jersey fabric. Decide where you will need the most stretch according to your pattern and cut the fabric in the same direction. For example, T-shirts typically need more space around the torso to fit snugly against the body.


It’s best to use a ball-point or jersey needle when sewing with cotton elastane to prevent holes from forming in the fabric. Cotton jersey does not fray, and it will work well for leaving raw, unhemmed edges on your finished garments.

Kwaint Threads is a leading supplier of organic cotton elastane fabric in Australia. Shop our online collection today to find the perfect fabric for your next sewing project.

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